• Selection in Performance Efficiency

The optimal solution for a particular system will vary based on the kind of workload, and often combines multiple approaches. Well-architected systems use multiple solutions and enable different features to improve performance.

Virtualized cloud resources are available in a number of different types and configurations. This makes it easier to find an approach that closely aligns with business needs. Find options that are not easily achievable with on-premises infrastructure; for example, a managed service for a fully managed and scalable NoSQL database.

Rely on Devek and its selection of integrated solutions to help choose an architecture best suited for the business needs. However, it is still imperative to perform benchmarking or load testing to optimize the created architecture. After identifying an architectural approach, use a data-driven process to refine the selection of resource types and configuration options. Obtain this data using benchmarking and load testing.

An architecture combines a number of different architectural approaches (for example, request-response, event driven; extract, transform, load (ETL); or pipeline). Use cloud services in the architecture’s implementation to optimize the architecture’s performance.

The four main resource types that to consider:

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