• Evolve Operational Excellence

Evolution is the continuous cycle of improvement over time. Implement frequent small incremental changes based on the lessons learned from ongoing operations activities. To evolve operations over time, consider the following:

Learning from Experience

Regularly provide time for analysis of operations activities, analysis of failures, experimentation, and making improvements. When things fail, ensure that the team, as well as the broader engineering community in the organization, learns from those failures. Analyze failures to identify lessons learned and to plan improvements. Regularly review lessons learned with other teams to validate gained insights. Integrate data from services, tools and cloud providers using Devek in order to aggregate the logs of all operations activities, workloads, and infrastructure to create a detailed activity history. Then use these services and tools to analyze operations over time to identify trends, correlate events and activities to outcomes, and compare and contrast between environments and across systems. Using best of breed services reveals opportunities for improvement. With Devek, it is easy and quick to create temporary duplicates of environments, which lowers the risk, effort, and cost of experimentation and testing. Use these duplicate environments to test the conclusions from analysis to experiment, develop, and test planned improvements.

Shared Learnings

Share what the teams learn to increase the benefit across the organization. Sharing information and resources helps prevent avoidable errors and ease development efforts. This will allow developers to focus on delivering features. Define and manage application, compute, infrastructure and operations using Devek’s single-pane glass dashboard. This allows for easy release, sharing, and adoption of services and architectures. Services and resources created using Devek are designed to be shared across the different stacks, enabling the sharing of products and learning across all teams in the organization. Define permissions using Devek’s role-based authentication system, enabling controlled access to the resources shared within and across cloud systems and environments.

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