• Cost Effective Cloud Operations

Cost optimization is a continual process of refinement and improvement of a system over its entire lifecycle. Adopting optimization practices to build and operate cost-aware systems starts from the initial design or proof of concept and continues with the ongoing operation of production workloads, allowing the business to maximize its return on investment and achieve business outcomes while minimizing costs.

A cost-optimized system will most effectively utilize all resources to achieve an outcome at the lowest possible price point, while meeting its functional requirements.

Devek assists with designing optimized systems by selecting the most appropriate services and using best practices in configuring and operating these services, including the application of cost optimization levers.

  • Design Principles for Cost-Effective Systems

Best practices for cost optimization rely on several design principles.

  • A consumption model
    Pay only for the computing resources being consumed, and increase or decrease usage depending on business requirements. No elaborate forecasting is required. For example, development and test environments are typically only used for eight hours a day during the workweek. Devek creates these resources only when needed and stops or removes them when they’re not in use for a potential cost savings of 75% monthly (8x5 vs. 24x7).

  • Measure overall efficiency
    Measure the business output of the system and the costs associated with delivering it. Use this measure to understand the gains made from increasing effective production systems and reducing costs.

  • Stop spending money on data center operations
    The public cloud providers do the heavy lifting of racking, stacking, and powering servers, which allows focus on customers and business projects rather than on IT infrastructure.

  • Analyze and attribute expenditure
    Using the cloud makes it easier to accurately identify the cost and utilization of systems, which then allows transparent attribution of IT costs to revenue streams and individual business owners. Analyzing expenditure helps measure return on investment (ROI) and allows system owners to optimize their resources and reduce costs.

  • Use managed services and reduce the cost of ownership
    Managed services in the cloud remove the operational burden of maintaining servers for tasks like sending an email or managing databases. Since managed services operate at cloud scale, they often offer a lower cost per transaction or service.

When considering cost optimization, there are several trade-offs to consider. For example, whether to optimize for speed-to-market or cost. In some cases, it’s best to optimize for speed. Going to market quickly, shipping new features, or meeting a deadline, rather than investing in up-front cost optimization.

Haste rather than data sometimes directs design decisions, and the temptation always exists to overcompensate just in case rather than spend time benchmarking for the most cost-optimal deployment. Often haste leads to over-provisioned and under-optimized implementations. However, this is a reasonable choice when starting a cloud migration; first lift and shift resources from the on-premises environment to the cloud and start using Devek to optimize afterward.

Investing in a cost optimization strategy upfront allows realization of the economic benefits of the cloud more readily by ensuring consistent adherence to best practices and avoiding unnecessary over-provisioning.

Cost optimization in the cloud is comprised of four main topics:

Describing techniques and best practices for both the initial and ongoing cost optimization of cloud deployment and environment.

Cost optimization in the cloud is an ongoing effort. From the first review of a pilot or test workload, to deploying a mature production infrastructure, it is critical to regularly review the architectural approach and component selection. This effort is easier thanks to the features and services supported by Devek.

Devek strives to help minimize cost while enable building highly resilient, responsive and adaptive architectures.

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